T.E.Graves is a fantasy writer working on her first adult fantasy series The Calaira Chronicles. She is a storyteller and creator of worlds and fantasies. 

About  Me!

Hello people of Earth and beyond! My name is Taylor and ever since I was a child I have been creating worlds. Whether it would be in writing, drawing, music, or even using special makeup effects I would use my creative skills to express the fantasies that I would create.


 When I was in a elementary school I created a kingdom in my head called Calaira and every time I was sad or lonely I would go into my little world where I would be the princess of the land. Nowadays the Calaira is so much more than my elementary self could have ever imagined. Now it actually has characters other than myself, whose own stories have progressed and grown into long journeys and action filled adventures. So much so that I can no longer keep it all locked in mind and have decided to let it out into the world.

So I have begun creating my series The Calaira Chronicles (working title.) A trilogy for now that will eventually have multiple companion stories that branch off of it. The story features topics that are very near and dear to me such as diversity, female empowerment, and equality .

When I am not writing I spend most of my time creating art, listening and composing music, and spending time with my dog Hulk.

If you would like to know more about my stories you can go to my BOOKS and if you would like to more about the Kingdom of Calaria and the world around it you can sign up for my Newsletter and Join the Royal Guard.

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