The Crowned Cardinal

Adult  epic fantasy

The Crowned Cardinal is the first book in an Adult Fantasy trilogy that takes you through a land divided between good and evil as you follow a refugee and a prince join forces to take down the chaos in the world.

When the Kingdom Split

The prequel to The Crowned Cardinal, When the Kindgom Split follows the former Sovereign of Calaira, Tatalia as she tries to be a ruler to a kingdom while a mysterious society turns the people against each other and against the crown.

What I Must

Reylee lived a normal life with her daughter Aria, who was her entire world. But when a demonic plague kills the entire village along with her dearest daughter Reylee makes a deal with the Goddess of Death to bring her daughter back to life if she along with a rag tag group of adventurers defeat the Demon king who created the plague. Oh and there is just one more tiny thing... Reylee is the Goddess of Life

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