The Crowned Cardinal

First book in the Calaira Chronicles

Calaira was a peaceful continent of diverse cultures, full of magic and beauty. Until a crazed, power hungry Lord cuts himself and anyone near him off from the rest of the land and creates Graviel. A dark realm of slavery and violence where he rules as Emperor.


Twenty years later is where this story begins. Meet Kayari Brawn , a refugee from Graviel who has been smuggling people across the border to Calaira and Devin Prim the Cardinal of Calaira who is stressed from the pressure of being the heir to the throne. in an attempted to run away from the castle Devin and Kayari end up meeting.But when Kayari gets arrested for the suspected kidnapping of Devin both their lives are changed for good. 


Kayari gets released for her experience and knowledge of Graviel and both her and Devin join the Royal Guard to help the efforts to take down Draven, the Emperor of Graviel.  


But things in Graviel are heating up faster than anyone expects, as well with the Emperor's devious schemes to take over the entire continent. Will they be able  to take down the Emperor and reunite the nations? Or will they crumble under the pressure and let Calaira be taken down with them.

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My Characters

Devin Prim
Kayari Brawn

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