What I must

Stand Alone Adult Fantasy Novel

Reylee seemed like your typical maiden, she lived in a small town as a local medic with her daughter Aria. She was highly renowned throughout the town as a amazing healer, who has never seen an illness she couldn't cure. But when a demonic plague starts infecting villagers she is met with something she has know knowledge of. 


Almost immediately this plague begins infecting the entire village. To cure her village she puts all of her time into her work, but to know use as it kills the entire village including her precious Aria. In a desperate attempt to bring her daughter back to life Reylee makes a deal with the Goddess of Death to bring her daughter back to life if she defeats the Demon king who created the plague.


On her quest to defeat the Demon King she meets up with a rag tag group of adventurers, one of whom just so happens to be her ex and the father of her child. In order to continue her quest she has to join up with this odd group and journey across the land to to gain the favor of the Gods.


 Oh and there is just one more tiny thing... Reylee is the Goddess of Life

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